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Hiring for what’s next

Oct 12, 2020

In this episode, Jon invites Heather Doshay, VP of People at Webflow, to share how her company climbed the Hiring Maturity curve. Webflow is a SaaS company based in San Francisco that helps companies create powerful, flexible websites and apps. Webflow has helped companies like Dell, Lattice, Zendesk and more build better business websites, faster, without coding. 


Heather discusses how the talent team at Webflow went from Chaotic to Strategic on the Hiring Maturity curve in just 18 months.


Today’s talent thought leaders know first-hand that a winning talent strategy drives real business results. 


In this limited series, Greenhouse President and Co-founder Jon Stross sits down with talent leaders from companies like The Knot Worldwide,, Fair and ThoughtWorks to discuss their Hiring Maturity journeys. 


Discover how each featured company moved up the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve and what they learned along the way.